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Six Criteria for Military Intervention: Proportional Means and Reasonable Prospect

... forces to an operation will have a better idea of what personnel to send and will be more cooperative once they know what to expect on the ground. Recent events highlight the importance of having a clear mandate. During voting on resolution 1973 on Libya, Russia remarked that the resolution didn’t provide any clarity on how the no-fly zone would be enforced, the rules of engagement, and what limits on the use of force there would be.[1] As a result, both Russia and China abstained from voting ...

Six Criteria for Military Intervention: Just Cause and Right Intention

... measures to ensure the safety of civilians[1]. A massive military intervention was needed to halt atrocities, but the Security Council and UN Member States were incapable of responding to the realities on the ground.[2] While on the other hand, we have Libya with 1,000 – 3,000 casualties and with coalition forces intervening in that country within 3 days of adopting resolution 1973[3] – where the UN Security Council condemned war crimes and crimes against humanity in that country and authorized ...

Six Criteria for Military Intervention: Last Resort

... the UN observer mission, a GA resolution, and presidential statements to condemn the violence, but these still have not been able to halt the protracted massacre. The civilian casualty count in Syria continues to rise with each passing day. While in Libya, military intervention occurred just two weeks after having instated non-military means through the unanimously adopted resolution 1970, which wasn’t able to end the mass violence in that time. This decisive action, in an attempt to prevent ...

Politicization of the United Nations: the Human Cost

... How do we know that military intervention is necessary in a given case? What must the death toll rise to in a conflict before the international community decides that they must intervene? Why is it that we chose the course of intervention in the case Libya, but weren’t effectively able to do so in cases like Rwanda, Bosnia and Syria? How do we guarantee that a decision to intervene is a just one – that the objective does not lead to the use of intervention to further the selfish political ...

Ответственность по защите: своевременное и решительное реагирование

После того, как международное сообщество оказалось неспособно предотвратить геноцид в Руанде в 1994 году и массовые убийства в Сребренице в 1995 году, мировые лидеры поклялись, что никогда больше такого не допустят. В 2000 году Кофи Анан обратился к Генеральной Ассамблее ООН с вопросом: «Если гуманитарная интервенция - это посягательство на суверенитет государства, то как тогда международное сообщество должно реагировать на ужасающие нарушения прав человека, противоречащие всем законам человеческого...

Russia’s Reasons for UN Veto

... resolution on Syria is the sign that the international community should just give the Syrians a chance to decide the future of Syria on their own. It is too early to draw any conclusions, but even though it seems that humanitarian intervention worked out in Libya, we still should keep in mind that Syria is a much more complex and troubled country. The intervention may shed even more blood and create even bigger chaos. May be it is better if the Syrians themselves without any help try to build a new nation....

2012 Failed States Index

... more violence that would lead to the increase of Group Grievance’s score or they might affect the economic decline. It implies that humanitarian interventions might lead to a drastic increase in county’s score. Let’s take a look at Libya. According to FSI 2011 (the Index is based on the data from 2010) Libya scored 68,7 and after military intervention in 2011 it drastically increased its score to 84,9. Once again, the lower the score, the better. So, if before the country was steadily ...

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