Viktor Sadovnichy


Rector of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, RAS Vice-President, RAS Full Member.

Full Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences. Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics).

Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU).

Worked at MSU: assistant, assistant professor, professor, Pro-Rector. Director of the MSU Institute of Complex Systems Mathematical Research. Since 1992, Rector of MSU.

President of the Moscow Society of Naturalists. President of the Lyapunov Franco-Russian Center for Applied Mathematics. Member of presidential commissions and presidential councils. President of the Russian Rectors Union. Member of the Permanent Committee of the Conference of Rectors of European Universities (CRE).

Member of the editorial boards of many Russian and foreign academic journals on mathematics and information technology.

Author of over 330 academic papers, including 60 books and textbooks.

Academic focus: mathematical modeling and mathematical methods of data processing.

Laureate of the USSR State Award and of the Russian State Award.

Recipient of state awards.

Member Comments

1 December 2016
Viktor Sadovnichy

Rector of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, RAS Vice-President, RAS Full Member

Moscow State University launches first-ever branch-out in Europe

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