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2022: End of the End of History

The conflict between Russia and the West is likely to drag on for decades, regardless of how and along exactly what lines the conflict in Ukraine ends In 1989, the “short 20 th century” ended with the “end of history”—the victory of the Western capitalist world over the Soviet ...


Do We Have a Future?

Since everything is permanently flowing, only history, the past, can exist Before even addressing this question, a particularly relevant one, given the current frightening disorder and madness in most of our so-called ‘western world’, I must stipulate that the future does not exist, except in our minds. This makes the question redundant, unless we think deeply, and simplify. So do please try to read on. Explanation Andrey Kortunov: A New Western Cohesion and World ...


Why International Institutions Survive: An Afterword to the G20 Summit

... informally. Just a few days ago, another G20 summit took place in Indonesia — a meeting of the 20 supposedly most developed powers. These economies first convened 13 years ago to discuss the fight against the global consequences of the financial crisis in Western countries. This association is not a formal international organisation, unlike the UN or the World Trade Organization, and does not have its own secretariat or specialised agencies. However, in its composition, the G20 has turned out to be one ...


American Attempts to Preserve Hegemony Will Only Make the Transition to a New World Order Harder for Washington

... in world affairs, or is the perceived restoration of a unipolar world nothing more than a delusion created by the efforts of skillful illusionists from the White House and the State Department? The return of the unipolar world? Andrey Kortunov: A New Western Cohesion and World Order Most of the current talk about the resurgence of Pax Americana is in one way or another related to the unfolding conflict between Moscow and the collective West. There is a broad consensus in the expert community today ...


Liz Truss Is But a Symptom of Britain's Political Failures

... that the problem we face here is not only about the bad luck Truss had or the specific mistakes Truss made. Rather, the problem might have much deeper roots in the very foundation of the contemporary liberal political systems. Andrey Kortunov: A New Western Cohesion and World Order On one hand, universal imperatives of social and economic development call for long-term strategic planning that might almost by default imply that Western leaders should be ready to go for radical, painful and sometimes ...


International Conference on the OSCE Future Held in Geneva

... Geneva Center for Politics and Security (GCSP), in partnership with the Swiss Federal Department for Foreign Affairs, hosted an international conference on the future of the OSCE in the context of the acute crisis in relations between Russia and the West On October 21–22, 2022, the Geneva Center for Politics and Security (GCSP), in partnership with the Swiss Federal Department for Foreign Affairs, hosted an international conference on the future of the OSCE in the context of the acute crisis ...


Changing Roles: Why Countries of Middle East May be Future’s Best-Suited Mediators?

... discuss matters related to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, including Ankara’s mediation. These high-level interactions illustrate the keen interest of Middle Eastern nations to act as an intermediary in the dangerous escalation between Russia and the West amid the Ukrainian conflict. It is generally worth noting that Middle Eastern countries are proactively engaging in the diplomatic process, offering their mediation capacities to Moscow and Kiev while preserving their neutrality and pragmatism. It ...


If the World Is One Family, Why Do We Seek to Destroy It?

... there, we could have made billions! But my father said no, he runs a very big construction company, he was apprehensive because of highly underdeveloped infrastructure. now look at how amazingly they’ve progressed and transformed. And look at entire West Asia, Dubai, they have become very prosperous and major centres of global investments. And why? Hydrocarbons! They found them there and that’s how it is. Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury: India Will Continue to Be Neutral So, because there’s no equitability ...


Meeting with Ambassadors of Brazil and India

... General, had a meeting with Rodrigo de Lima Baena Soares, Brazilian Ambassador to Russia, and Pawan Kapoor, Indian Ambassador to Russia. The following issues were discussed during the meeting: the impact of the current confrontation between Russia and the West on the system of international relations and the prospects for the formation of a new world order, various aspects of Russia's interaction with the countries of the global South, and the future of non-Western multilateral institutions and regimes....


60 Years After the Cuban Missile Crisis: Important Lessons for the Present Ukrainian Crisis

Summary of talking points There are quite a few things in common, as well as differences between the Cuban missile crisis of October 1962 and the present crisis between Russia and the West. Aleksey Arbatov: The Ukrainian Crisis and Strategic Stability Now it is a crisis engineered by the US at Russia’s doorstep with Moscow holding the advantage of the scene close to its territory. So, now is Russia’s turn to go emotional/ballistic....


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