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Divided World

... than two decades have passed, and the world has become a very different place. The war on terrorism is no longer the top priority of global politics: it has given way to the more familiar geopolitical confrontation between great powers. Russia and the West, the United States and China constantly accuse each other of directly or indirectly supporting terrorist organizations and movements. Successful joint war on terror involves, among other things, the exchange of more than sensitive information, the ...


China Does Not Seek to Disprove but Work with and Be Receptive to Others

... dynamics of certain international problems. That is, in general, it is important from the point of view of communication between our countries, strengthening friendship and relations of privileged comprehensive strategic partnership. Ivan Timofeev: Russia-West: Rising Stakes What are the main factors that will ultimately determine the resolution of the Ukraine crisis and conflict by peaceful means? This is a complex question because the Ukraine conflict is caused by a whole complex of contradictions that ...


Is Russia Losing India?

... relations, is going through a period of severe stress. Over the last five years, Russia’s share of Indian defense imports went down from 60% to 45% and is likely to shrink even further in the near future. Moscow has to confront the rapid expansion of the Western presence in the Indian arms markets and the current "Made in India" strategy pursued by the Indian leadership. On top of that, there are questions in India about the reliability of Russian weapons, Russia’s compliance with delivery ...


Here's how Russia is making its biggest geopolitical shift since the time of Peter the Great, 300 years ago

... this isn’t all. Essentially, the meeting, with the bureaucratic preparation and the wide public coverage it has received within Russia, testifies to a sea change in Moscow’s worldview and international positioning toward the world’s rising non-Western majority, as laid down in the recently adopted Foreign Policy Concept. St. Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great in the early 18th century as a 'window to Europe,' and last week, it served the same purpose for Africa. Eurocentrism, of course,...


What Is a ‘Just International Order’?

The basis of the modern international order is the procedure created by the countries of the West, and the central idea underlying this procedure is the immanent injustice of international politics The basis of the modern international order is the procedure created by the countries of the West, and the central idea underlying this procedure ...


Rules-Based International Order: Dos and Don’ts of “Liberal” Manners

... political vocabulary of U.S. and European politicians, the term “rules-based international order” is perhaps becoming the most frequent rhetorical phrase, given that not a single significant international summit or policy document can dispense with it. Western allies declare their uncompromised commitment to a “rules-based international order” that they are willing to defend and uphold, without publicly proclaiming the notional and ideological aspects of this phenomenon. What is this notorious “rule-based ...


Russia-West: Rising Stakes

Russia’s preservation of its statehood and sovereignty again becomes the main stake of the conflict. The statehood of Ukraine is another stake In Russia, the point of view that the goal of the United States and the “collective West” headed by Washington is a final solution to the “Russian question” is becoming more and more widespread. Such a goal is seen as defeating Russia, levelling its military potential, restructuring its statehood, rewiring its identity, and possibly ...


A Preemptive Nuclear Strike? No!

... preemptive nuclear strike on some NATO nation in Eastern Europe has expectedly drawn a wide response. Some took it as a course of action, others viewed it as the trolling of internal and external audiences. Still others considered it a subtle signal to the West, devised in advance in the political kitchen and voiced by an eminent scholar. The official position clearly differs from the solutions proposed in the article. Last November, the Russian Foreign Ministry explicitly stressed the inadmissibility of ...


Explaining China’s Response to the Russia-Ukraine Crisis

... and this will certainly have important repercussions for the Russia-Ukraine conflict. *** A more accurate definition of China’s positioning in the Russia–Ukraine conflict is constructive intervention rather than neutrality. Unlike the US and the West, China’s policy is not based on choosing a side, but oriented toward constructive results. At this stage, China’s understanding of constructiveness can be summarized in the twelve-point proposition of the Ukraine peace plan it proposed in February ...


Two Worlds of Russia’s Foreign Policy

... later, will have come full circle. Russia is not a bystander, but part of the action, pushing for change The war in Ukraine, which to most Russians—and not just the Kremlin—is a direct, if not yet a kinetic military conflict with the American-led West, has been reshaping Russia massively from within. The economy, faced with the most severe sanctions so far imposed on any country, is not only seeking ways to go around the sanctions or substitute for the absence of Western products and technologies,...


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