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Understanding Putin's fourth-term victory

Christiane Amanpour speaks with Russian analyst Andrey Kortunov and former UK Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rikfind about Putin's presidential victory amid rising tensions with the West. Christiane Amanpour speaks with Russian analyst Andrey Kortunov and former UK Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rikfind about Putin's presidential victory amid rising tensions with the West.


Putin’s Brave New World

After the vote, Moscow will try to thaw relations with Europe and explore new routes in Asia. Successe abroad is key to improving the situation at home. If Vladimir Putin wins in the Russian elections in March, few will be surprised in Russia or abroad. The incumbent president remains by far the most popular and most trusted politician in the country. For the overwhelming majority of Russian voters, Putin’s ...


Putin's State of the Union: Russia Can No Longer Take the US Goodwill and Commitment for Granted

... Timofeev: How Should Russia Respond to an Adversarial West? However, this demonstration of specific artefacts of Kremlin’s military might and ambitions should not conceal a more fundamental change in the Russian strategic thinking articulated by Vladimir Putin: the country is drifting in the direction of strategic isolationism. This is a clear and important deviation from both the traditional Russian (and the Soviet) strategic thinking with very serious implications for the global strategic stability....


The Tussle Over Syria

Putin’s Syrian intervention was limited to areas around the port of Tartus and the Latakia air base, both heavily upgraded by Russia. His aim was not a full occupation, but a gradual expansion of a strategic corridor from Damascus to Aleppo. He did not fear US repercussions. Obama’s 2013 red line back-step had convinced him the president would be passive in the face of aggression. One hour before the intervention began, Obama was haughtily advised to clear the air spaces. Putin did not attempt to...


“Rocket Man” Kim Jong-Un

“Rocket Man” Kim Jong-Un surely believes we are doing what Abe most feared! So does Vladimir Putin. In an article written two weeks ago but published only yesterday by the BESA Center for Strategic Studies and Linkedin, we made two points about North Korea. 1. That the president’s coercive diplomacy against North Korea worked temporarily....


Are Americans Destroying Themselves from Within, as Lincoln Feared?

... Trump’s impeachment grow. Where is the US headed? Flickr / Elvert Barnes Trump and Putin’s Joint Statement on Syria Among the accomplishments of Donald Trump’s just completed Far East tour was a joint statement on November 11 with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Syria. (Their planned Danang summit was canceled, however. As prominent advisor to the Russian foreign affairs ministry Andrey Kortunov explained, “Putin is presently toxic for Trump;” i.e., any contact with him harms Trump at home....


Russiagate: Another Watergate?

Executive summary: Just as occurred during the Watergate crisis of 1973-74, America – the world’s indispensable power – is again facing a constitutional crisis, with a paralyzed president writhing beneath the Damoclean sword of Russiagate.  New evidence sheds fresh light on the origins and making of both “gates,” as does a closer exploration of the Nixon-Brezhnev and Trump-Putin bromances. Russian leaders have always closely followed US presidential elections, yet they have only twice attempted...


Sanctions upon Sanctions

... they do, unless the international community recognizes this threat and comes together in order to put a reliable defensive screen in place. Igor Ivanov, Sam Nunn, Wolfgang Ischinger, Desmond Browne: Open Letter to President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin Russia and the United States are not simply the largest nuclear superpowers. Objective circumstances have aligned themselves in such a way that Russia and the United States are, more than any other countries, capable of steering the world ...


What Does the Future Hold? Reflections Regarding the Hamburg Meeting

It is a win-win situation for both sides, and no one has lost Anton Mardasov, Kirill Semenov: The “Southern Deal” Between Moscow and Washington: A Duel of Diplomacies The beginning of July was marked by the first personal meeting between Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, and Donald Trump, President of the USA, in Hamburg. The event had been awaited not only in our countries, but all around the world, drawing in a wide international response. Thus far, passions have been running high....


Germany, the USA, and Russia in the Changing World

... transatlantic relations, Russian-German relations have all in all continued to develop in a positive way, especially in the sphere of economic cooperation. Although specific episodes, mostly connected to European security issues (including Russian President Vladimir Putin’s famous “Munich Speech” and Russia’s withdrawal from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) in reaction to the expansion of NATO) partially complicated bilateral relations, but nevertheless were not direct proof ...


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