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Escalation Signaling in Ukraine and Its Implications for the Strategic Russia-US Relationship

... signaling is a tremendously difficult task that allows for some flexibility but also raises the risks of further escalation The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict has demonstrated an unprecedented use of missile capabilities and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by both militaries. While Ukraine’s capabilities present a significant military-technical challenge for Russia, the fact that they are supplied by third parties, including the United States, has become a political issue aggravating the already ...


What’s Your Power, Strong AI?

... unacceptability of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS), stated in our previous review , has taken on a whole new dimension. The Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, which broke out in 2020, turned out to be a “ war of drones ” (unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs), with the victory going to the side that had the advantage. The conflict in Ukraine has been described as a “drone war” by Elon Musk, and that of a very different scale, as we can tell from the news reports. A search on the Internet for “drone ...


The Army and Air Force of the Future

... ammunition. Since the mainstream small arms used today were designed some 50 years ago, replacing them will mark a real revolution. We may witness a similar revolution in the widespread adoption of a new type of weapon—small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for both reconnaissance and strike missions (subject to size and weight limitations, wearable strike drones will be represented by single-use “kamikaze” drones in the near future). Reconnaissance UAVs have already become mainstream equipment ...


The U.S. on the Way to Strategic Invulnerability

... systems, miniaturization, big data and cutting-edge manufacturing, including 3D printing. The programme focused on drone operations, which entailed the development low-observable forward-looking long-range unmanned aerial vehicles (including sea-based UAVs), and a family of various unmanned combat aerial systems. The current U.S. military strategy envisages increasing the significance of operations involving strike drones and surface and undersea drones. Autonomous refuelling aircraft make it possible ...


Game of Drones: Rules Unclear

... against the intentional killing operations of individuals beyond the scope of armed conflicts. Today, with targeted killings’ fulminant spread, and the overwhelming divergence between drone and strike aircraft costs , the issue of a legal framework UAV-executed targeted killings is a pertinent research subject. Existent legitimation of targeted killing and drone use employs enervate argumentation: despite this, it is globally promoted. This contradiction exists because the nations that have invested ...


Remote Weapons Come of Age

The implications of advanced technologies for subversive activity During a military-related event on 4 August, 2018 Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro came close to being assassinated by a pair of drones. While Maduro escaped unscathed, the attack did injure seven soldiers. Various media outlets noted that this was the first known drone assassination attempt on a president. This development was, however, long in the offing. The type of drone used in the Venezuelan attack was reportedly a DJI...


China’s Air Force: from Shield to Sword

... warning and control aircraft, instead of continuing to buy the KJ-2000 installed in Il-76s it is actively expanding the KJ-200 family, installed in Chinese-made Y-8 aircraft. H-6K bomber (based on the copy of the Tu-16) PLAAF A multitude of UAVs, including large-scale types, are being developed with an eye to American and Israeli equivalents. One landmark success in this field is the CH-4B UAV, which since 2015 has been operated by the Iraqi air force and is being used in operations against ...


Military Aviation 100 Years from Now

... rendering the supposed advantages of stealth technology practically useless. Such technologies are being developed by the United Kingdom France, Germany and other countries, all with an eye to gaining military and technical supremacy. Photo: UAV launch The use of counter-technology proves the hopelessness of military aviation in the longer term. Another supposedly promising area in aviation technology development is the creation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These include, above all,...


The US Navy’s Angry Birds

Outlook for the US Navy’s UCLASS Programme The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) website has already raised the issue of naval unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) . The American Unmanned Carrier-Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike (UCLASS) programme is worth examining in more detail, since it is the most curious and potentially promising programme in the field of “strategic” naval UAVs. ...


Unmanned Maritime Systems

... maritime powers are trying to catch up in their development, paying close enough attention to unmanned maritime systems. It is worth noting that, similar to manned aircraft, the goals and capabilities of different classes of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) may vary significantly. One classification, used by the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom , divides UAVs into three categories on the basis of an aircraft’s maximum gross take-off weight. Class I unmanned aircraft weigh less than ...


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