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The Soft Power of India and Russia

... became less adequate in effectuating political goals; the use of armed forces became overtly high-priced for contemporary powers than it was centuries before. This left nations seeking other means to realize their political goals, paving the way for soft power. In a 1990’s study conducted in Foreign Policy, American political scientist Joseph Nye explained soft power as the ability of one nation to get “other nations to want what it wants", or has "the authority of commanding others ...


Turkey’s Policy in Central Asia: Are Ambitions Well-Founded?

... creating a Turan Army, Turkey needs to achieve greater progress in other areas of cooperation with Central Asian states. In addition, the lack of an appropriate level of resources—in the broad sense—is a major hindrance to military integration. Soft Power Andrey Kortunov: Recep Erdogan in a Russian Minefield Back in the 1990s, Turkey relied on both economic levers and the use of a broad range of soft power instruments in Central Asia. For instance, Turkey’s regional policy was largely founded ...


Public Diplomacy Today: Lessons from Russia

... TARGET: BEHAVIOURAL OUTCOME Speaking of power behaviours, they are essentially action modes that define the nature of power as either “soft” or “hard.” (Ibid. 2013: 6) As per Nye's framework, attraction, persuasion and agenda-framing generate soft power (SP), while coercion, threats, payments and sanctions generate hard power (HP). Hence, it is the power behaviour that defines the nature of power (Ibid. 2011: 91-93, 2013: 6). Furthermore, power can only be judged ex-post (by the outcomes) ...


BRICS and the Western-Centric Global Film Industry: Possibilities of the Digital Era

... system, which gives it cultural and political dividends. The Role of Film Industry in International Politics Over the course of the last few decades, considerable attention has been given to culture as a factor in international affairs. The concept of “soft power” developed by Joseph Nye has become particularly influential and is often used as a framework for numerous academic studies dedicated to this problem. Nye defined soft power as “the ability to affect what other countries want… [that] ...


Developments in Russia's Humanitarian Policy in Africa

... first innovation concerns the functioning of organizations promoting Russia's international policy and the assessment of their performance. The second determines their regional focus. Vyacheslav Sutyrin: “A Thousand Threads” Policy: Russia’s “Soft Power” in the Post-Soviet Space As for the revision of the functional features of Russian institutions of humanitarian policy, the necessity to work with NGOs on the ground and use digital technologies seems crucial. Firstly, clarification of ...


CIA National Intelligence Estimates on the Cross-Strait and Sino-Russian Relations

... remain, as underlined by American support for the protests for greater autonomy in Hong Kong (2019), and Washington’s pressure on Beijing with the accusation of the military origins of Covid-19 (2020). In 2020, all US attempts to implement Western Soft Power in China — with the exception of Hong Kong and Macao — have had mixed success. Washington's struggle to establish mutual trust with Beijing is similar to that of Western European countries, and the tormented past and Chinese colonisation ...


Soft Powers” Fighting over Transitional Societies: The Case of Myanmar

The way great powers’ strategies influence the choice of a development path in oppressed societies The classical soft power concept is not entirely sufficient to explain the phenomena of influence on transitional societies since traditional soft power tools virtually do not work there. We can see the full picture if we analyze the rivalry between the soft powers ...


Between Pancasila and Islam: Indonesia’s Soft Power Challenge

... member to the UN Security Council. Indonesian foreign policy asset as the largest Muslim majority democracy in the word in multicultural society is another factor affecting the potential in international politics which can be used to build Indonesia’s soft power. "Soft power" is a term created by the American scholar Joseph S. Nye to define the use of positive attraction and persuasion to achieve foreign policy objectives, focusing on effective communication and international cooperation....


Five Challenges for Modern Public Diplomacy and How to Tackle Them

Serious confrontation between Russia and the West is not the best environment for developing public diplomacy: Many view it as hidden propaganda instead of a tool of improving bilateral relations between countries. How can one deal with the problem in the current situation? “Hybrid Analytica: Pro-Kremlin Expert Propaganda in Moscow, Europe and the U.S.,” reads the title of the 58-page report of the of Modern Russia, released in the early October. The research points fingers at Russian, European...


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