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Obama: Silicon Valley rather than Putin

... words are not just innocent chatter. After the revelation of the American PRISM surveillance program, tensions between the White House and Europe increased, as well as leading to a stiffening of relationship between Washington and the Silicon Valley. Snowden’s leaks showed for the first time to what level the National Security Agency (NSA) had violated the keystone of the Internet – the trust of its users. These revelations continue to penalize the big players in the IT sphere, with countries ...


Obama's "Scare Force" Targets BRICS

... Washington to impose the sanctions the Brookings experts have predicted in an article that assumes U.S. hegemony in Europe and the Americas. Then too, Russia’s recent award of a residence permit to NSA contractor and celebrated whistle blower Edward Snowden provides the Obama White House with additional impetus to play more sanctions cards. World of currency warcraft. BRICS tired of playing the quantitative easing game After it went off the gold standard and effecitvely decapitalized during the Cold ...


Why Global Internet Governance Matters

Internet governance is now one of the most lively and important topics in international relations. The issue has long been ignored and restricted to small silos of experts. However, the leaks disclosed by Edward Snowden triggered a massive response to the historical “stewardship” of the Internet by the United States. The stakes are high: today 2.5 billion people are connected to the web, and by 2030, the Internet is likely to represent 20% of the ...


Snowden, E-Diplomacy and Zimmerman's Law

Regardless of whether you consider Edward Snowden a patriot or a scoundrel the chances that he will be granted asylum in Brazil have become extremely remote thanks to Snowden’s trusted adviser Glenn Greenwald. The ex-Guardian journalist was involved in floating an e-diplomacy hoax that ...


Russia-U.S. Relations Need a Break

... Canadian Studies of the RAS , shares his view of the situation. Does Barack Obama’s refusal to meet Vladimir Putin imply that this is the end of the “reset”? There were difficulties in Russia-U.S. relations since long before the Edward Snowden incident. The armed conflict between Georgia and Russia, missile defense, Syria, strategic arms control, Iran, human rights in Russia, the Magnitsky Act and the adoption of Russian children by U.S. couples – these are the issues that provoked ...


Russia-U.S. Relations Do Not Fit the 2+2 Equation

... Trenin Interview Russia-U.S. relations are in decline but no one intends to bring them to a complete halt. Dmitry Trenin , Director of the Carnegie Moscow Center and member of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), shared his views on the Snowden case, U.S. President Barak Obama’s refusal to meet with President Vladimir Putin, and of the outcomes of the 2+2 meeting that brought together Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, US Secretary of ...


Above The Fray… Brasilia and Washington Seek Broader Cooperation

... import in the media or Brazil’s raucous Congress asked for details of these institutional security arrangements. They are too busy energizing their political base pointing the finger at Uncle Sam. What is different about the revelations of Edward Snowden, the WikiLeaks-guided former contract employee of Booz-Allen, is that Brazil, while having a close strategic relationship with the United States, is also put in a the complicated position of being a party to both sides. While maintaining a strategic ...


Taking in Snowden didn't go exactly as the Kremlin had planned

The Snowden case provides both a reality check and an interesting insight into U.S.-Russia relations. Here are the facts: Edward Snowden, a whistleblower to some and a traitor to others, was certainly not a Russian spy. His arrival at Sheremetyevo International ...


Uncertain World: Agreeing to Disagree on Snowden

The Snowden affair is fresh evidence of how much the world has changed in a historically short period of time. In the not too distant past, spies were the main target in the never-ending war between intelligence agencies. Zero sum games and intrigue were ...


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