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Kyrgyzstan Rejects U.S. Humanitarian Aid

... Kyrgyzstan has been the U.S. outpost for humanitarian and political activities in Central Asia. And it was the Bishkek office of USAID that received the most generous allocations in the region. As such, the money worked. Just remember the myriad Western NGOs and educational and publishing projects, as well as their part in the coups that have shaken the country. With geopolitical competition on the rise everywhere and in Central Asia, which is Russia’s foreign policy priority, the threat of political ...


Civil Society in Ukraine

..., which is a cornerstone of democracy-building itself. The development of civil society in Ukraine has faced many obstacles and is once again at the epicenter of contemporary discussions on freedom, equality, liberalization and respect for law. The ongoing conflict in the Eastern territories is another crucial challenge for civil society, which has yet to find its role in the peacemaking process and offer new approaches. Even though it may seem difficult to avoid the clichés used in the relentless ...


The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions

... the country. Unfortunately these costs are not quite included in the political agenda for potential donors, and the disagreements between them prevent an effective response to such crises. How can aid be separated from politics? Tatiana Zonova: Will NGOs Survive In the Future? The problem of politicisation of aid is one of the most serious, and at the same time it does not have a single and all-embracing solution. The ideal reform strategy would probably be the vague concept of “harmonising ...


RIAC is Engaging Armenian NGOs and Think Tanks

On July 1-4, 2014, with sponsorship of Moscow-based Gorchakov Foundation for Public Diplomacy, representatives of Russian nongovernmental organizations visited Yerevan for a series of meetings with Armenian civil society groups and think tanks. The delegation included the Gorchakov Foundation members, Aza Migranyan and Andrey Areshev, both Caucasus experts, and RIAC Program ...


Sergey Lavrov Meets Russian Foreign-Affairs NGOs

On April 11, 2014 the Small Mansion of Russian Foreign Ministry hosted a meeting between Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and members of Russian NGOs specializing in international relations. The Russian Council represented by its Program Director Ivan Timofeev also participated in the event. Mr. Lavrov stressed the role of nongovernmental organizations in advancing the international interests ...


The Role of NGOs in Russian Diplomacy Discussed at Foreign Ministry

On March 20, 2014 Russian Foreign Ministry held a meeting of the Interdepartmental Working Group on NGO Activities with participation of heads of the Foreign Ministry departments, Russian NGOs and civil society groups. RIAC was represented by Program Director Ivan Timofeev who presented the RIAC website as a platform for interaction between Russian ...


International Development Cooperation

... and practitioners have found different explanations and fiercely debate. On the one hand, it is argued that the amount of international assistance is simply not enough in order to solve most of the development challenges in the developing world. Most NGOs and international organizations reason like this and therefore demand an increase of the money allocated to the poor. It is for this reason that since 1970 for example developed countries’ governments have promised innumerable times to increase ...


Will NGOs Survive In the Future?

International NGOs yesterday, today and tomorrow A significant number of non-governmental actors can justifiably be regarded as an integral part of modern diplomacy, if by diplomacy we mean the communication system available to the international community. We have ...


The Rise of the Private Military and Security Industry

... superpowers. At the same time, the need for security in various countries of those regions was maintained or even increased due to the growing presence and operations of non-state actors like multinational oil/gas companies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as the resurfacing of inter- and intra-state tensions that had been curbed during the Cold War. Quite naturally, according to the basic law of supply and demand, PMSCs quickly moved in to fill the created gap in the provision of military ...


Resetting the U.S.-Russian Reset

... global security, for global strategic security, for regional security and solving all the issues in that connection and originally by diplomatic and peaceful methods, taking into account each other’s relationship, but definitely it takes two to tango. I mean we cannot build a bilateral relationship of friendship and partnership on our own. Unfortunately we witnessed some steps that in no way can be treated as a “reset” attitude. Saunders: Can I ask which steps you have in mind? Peskov: ...


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