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RIAC Takes Part in Expert Round Table at Rossotrudnichestvo

On March 18, 2019, Rossotrudnichestvo hosted an expert round table with Russian NGOs working in the area of international affairs. Representatives of more than 20 organizations gathered to discuss the issues of improving the effectiveness of humanitarian policy of the Russian Federation in the international arena. RIAC was represented ...


A Pragmatic View on Migration

... right of migrants – something that needs to be respected and which gives migrants the opportunity to integrate into society or adapt – is the right to work. What institution can ensure their right to work? Of course, the state. But I cannot ignore NGOs that work directly with migrants and therefore understand their needs much better. It is important that non-profit organizations provide them with legal and other information assistance. The ideal variant would be a private-public partnership uniting ...


The Arab World: Between Violence and Consensus

The Growing Attention to the Topic of Violence Increases the Demands on Political Regimes Violence as a Problem Perhaps the most significant element of the socio-political life of the region during those years, at least to the outside observer, was violence. The Syrian Civil War has claimed between 200,000 and 500,000 lives. As many as 70,000 people have lost their lives as a result of two civil wars in Libya. And the Yemeni Civil War counts several thousand among its victims, with the humanitarian...


Anna Kuznetsova Speaks about NGO Governance at Beijing International Conference

... 3rd International Seminar on Modern Governance held by the China Institutes of contemporary international relation (CICIR). The seminar takes place in China, Beijing, 19-21 September. The main theme of the event is devoted to governance of foreign nongovernmental organisations (NGO). On September 20, 2017, Anna Kuznetsova, RIAC Program Coordinator, spoke at the 3rd International Seminar on Modern Governance held by the China Institutes of contemporary international relation (CICIR). The seminar ...


The EU Global Strategy: Is It Global and Strategic?

... idea that nation states and their borders wither away, disappear, become irrelevant in the face of global megatrends seemed to turn into conventional wisdom. Until recently, it had been taken for granted that new actors in global politics, like TNCs, NGOs and supranational institutions were overshadowing nation states. However, the course of events in the beginning of the 21 st century demonstrated that the news about the death of nation states were premature. Indeed, contemporary history has witnessed ...


Thomas Pickering: Complaints Should be Reserved

... interests amenable to such would be one way to proceed. While not as useful in the long run as large moves in areas where mutual interest is clear, if that route is shut it down we should work on what is possibly open. What role could Russian and American NGOs and think-tanks play in normalization of bilateral relations? They can and should continue developing ideas and think on areas where we can make some progress and where we might develop an improved relationship. The first step might be to remain ...


How Not to Talk with Russia

... Moscow and, therefore, should be the subject of a very specific, detailed and honest discussion. Kadri Liik also writes about the need to engage Russia’s civil society. As a person who has spent most of his professional life leading various Russian NGOs, I wholeheartedly support this proposal. At the same time, my personal experience tells me that quite often the Western approach to the Russian civil society is similar to the Brussels acquis communautaire approach in dealing with EU partners. The ...


Armenia and Russia: Pragmatics and Stereotypes

Russian-Armenian relations play a key role in both Armenia's foreign policy and Russia’s regional strategy in the South Caucasus. A Russian military base is located in Armenia, while Russian border guards also ensure the protection of Armenia’s borders with Turkey and Iran. Armenia is a member of the EEU and the CSTO, and is one of the most convenient political partners for Moscow among the post-Soviet countries. Russia is the main investor in Armenia (as of early 2015, Russian investments...


Macro Policy Intervention for Strategic Micro Business Environment Building Engineering

... incentivize micro level business as a policy matter taken by both governments. It can be done through advocacy and lobbying bilateral administration level. (b) Create pressure to governments to invest more in advertisement and encouraging grass root level NGO’s to increase awareness. In turn it will work as a tool for market education. (c) Threat : Mostly, politically influential are involved in illegal spirit business and will be hinderer to the initiative. In next discussion we shall discuss about ...


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