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China in the Gulf: Tried Its Best, You Know the Rest

Beijing is rather reluctant to get deeply involved in intra-regional politics in the Middle East, as this could provoke new tensions with the U.S. The current escalation in the Middle East has been described by many as a test of influence for China. For example, the media repeatedly suggested that the United States asked China to put ...


China in the Mashriq: New Best Friend

... voiced by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi the day before, at the UN Security Council meeting initiated by China on the Palestinian-Israeli issue, and this is by no means the first of the steps Beijing took to solve some of the problems crippling the Middle East. China is building its Middle East policy on the basis of peaceful coexistence, typical of its approach. While Beijing refrains from directly declaring its intention to replace the United States, a more “traditional” partner for many countries ...


The US is crawling away from Ukraine

... suffer. And, of course, the Americans are not so much tired of Kiev as they are tired of having to spread their resources, which are not unlimited, in different directions. Yes, they are huge, but, I repeat, they are no longer unlimited. Today, the Middle East is strategically much more important than Ukraine. You may notice that I am not even talking about the issue of China, which the Americans see as existential in terms of their role in world affairs. Will they continue to be number one or will ...


When “Iron Swords” Return to Their Sheaths

... similar result—at least, if elections are held in the near future. Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas turns 90 next year, and, as one can easily guess, the bitter struggle for his political legacy has already begun. Regional Trends in the Middle East: Political and Economic Dynamics. RIAC Report The situation in Israel looks more certain and predictable, but this certainty and predictability are unlikely to facilitate the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Judging by opinion ...


Russia is undergoing a new, invisible revolution

... distinct civilization. In fact, it is the first official Russian document to do so. It also radically transforms the priorities of Moscow's diplomacy, with the countries of the post-Soviet ‘near abroad’ on top, followed by China and India, Asia and the Middle East, and Africa and Latin America. Western Europe and the United States rank next to last, just above the Antarctic. Unlike in the previous decade, when Russia’s “turn to the east” was first announced, these are not just words. Our trade ...


RIAC at the RCD Forum 2024 in Iraq

... global and regional challenges. The welcome remarks were delivered by Mohammed al-Sudani, Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq. The forum was attended by more than a thousand public and political figures, scholars, experts, and journalists from the Middle East, as well as from the other regions of the world. In total, representatives from 35 countries took part in the meeting. Within the framework of the forum, a number of expert discussions were held. In particular, there was a discussion on the ...


Regional Trends in the Middle East: Political and Economic Dynamics

Report No. 91 / 2024 Report No. 91 / 2024 Owing to contradictions between regional actors, socioeconomic problems, and political instability in some countries, the situation in the Middle East remains tense. Given such circumstances, political and economic trends in the Middle East require a degree of theoretical conceptualization. The authors of this report analyze the current political and economic trends in the region’s Arab ...


RIAC Hosted a Meeting with Students from HSE University

... Affairs Council (RIAC). During the meeting, RIAC Program Coordinator Ivan Bocharov presented RIAC projects on the MENA region. The meeting was held as a part of the research seminar of the WEIA of the HSE University “Understanding the contemporary Middle East and South Asia (Arab countries, Israel, Iran, Turkey)”. The meeting was also attended by the head of the seminar, Senior Lecturer at the WEIA of the HSE University Grigory Lukyanov.


RIAC and IOS RAS Held an Expert Discussion “Iraq in the Context of the Regional Trends in the Middle East

... Statehood” On February 16, 2024, the Russian Council for International Affairs (RIAC) and Institute of Oriental Studies (IOS) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) held an expert discussion “Iraq in the Context of the Regional Trends in the Middle East”. During the meeting Ruslan Mamedov, Scientific Advisor of the Evgeny Primakov Center for International Cooperation, Senior Researcher at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies of the IOS RAS presented the monograph “Iraq at the Beginning ...


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