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U.S. War Hawks Use Israel’s Gaza War to Restore Funds for Ukraine Proxy War

The attempt by Biden to portray Hamas and Putin as dual threats against “Western democracy” is obviously a desperate reaction to the loss of support for the Ukraine gambit President Biden used a nationally televised address on October 19 to make the case for an escalation of U.S. support for wars to defend “democracy.” He spoke following his return from Israel, where he bolstered Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and met with Israel’s war cabinet to demonstrate U.S. support for Netanyahu’s goal...


Dare Question Support for Ukraine

... Western Cohesion and World Order The real question that should be asked is whether the West is truly fighting for democracy or hell-bent on crushing Russia and whatever it takes to purge Russian President Vladimir Putin from existence. If US President Joe Biden is asked this question, the answer is clear. For the Biden administration, Putin is the scapegoat for everything wrong in America, whether it be claims of Putin’s inflation, Putin’s gas prices, or for aiding President Trump’s win in 2016....


U.S. Policy Case for Middle East under New Conditions

... of the region; Barack Obama quickly sent a special envoy for the Middle East to mediate between Israel and the Palestinian Authority; and Donald Trump, by contrast, dashed a number of traditional constants in the policies of his predecessors. It took Joe Biden’s administration a long time to realize the place of this troubled region in the U.S. grand strategy. Trump left Biden a heavy and intricate legacy, with no room for continuity or a sharp change of course on all fronts. The continued policy ...


A Strongman Stance: An Analysis of Trump and Biden on the World Stage

An open mind is required within the current acute political divide where Trump’s bellicose aggression and Biden’s seeming cognitive decline are both put on the backburner Putting aside whatever bias we have for former President Donald Trump; let’s consider what the state of world affairs might look like today if Trump became the president in the 2020. Outcomes under a Trump administration may be hypothetical or a myriad of assumptions, however it is unique in that we can gauge President Joseph...


Biden Revises US Sanctions Policy

The revision of the sanctions policy by the new administration cannot be called a revolution. The institutional arrangement will remain unchanged In the United States, a revision of the sanctions policy is in full swing . Joe Biden’s administration strives to make sanctions instruments more effective in achieving his political goals and, at the same time, reducing political and economic costs. The coordination of restrictive measures with allies is also seen as an important ...


Geneva Meeting: A World in Waiting

It is unlikely that we will see any breakthroughs at the upcoming Putin-Biden summit—but despite all the difficulties, there are still signs for optimism Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin have known each other for a long time—decades, in fact. This, however, made it no easier for them to agree to the meeting scheduled for June 16 in Geneva. The U.S.–Russia relations have seen a steady decline over the past ...


Will Geneva Be Any Different Than Helsinki?

... like him. The Republican President avoided publicly criticizing his Russian counterpart and was quite generous with his compliments to him, which inevitably caused not only annoyance but pure outrage in Washington and in Trump’s own Administration. Joe Biden has known Vladimir Putin for many years; he does not set himself the task of getting the Russian leader to like him. As far as one can tell, the two politicians do not have any special liking for each other, with this more than reserved attitude ...


US Sanctions Against Iran and the Future of the JCPOA: A View From Tehran and Moscow

... into account. The upcoming elections in Iran may affect its diplomacy, which could become less amenable to compromise. In the United States, the political cycle has just begun. But the specificity of institutions remains an important factor. Even if Joe Biden with his orders cancels Donald Trump’s decisions and returns the US to the status quo, he will not be able to change a number of US laws on Iranian issues. The President will still have to regularly report to Congress and “certify” the ...


New US Administration Approach to Syria: How Different Could It Be?

Syria will most likely remain part of US regional policies and subordinate to US dealings with Iran, Turkey and Russia With the new US administration in the White House, there are rather lofty expectations about a change in the American Middle East policy in general and towards Syria in particular. Some argue that the US Middle East policy will remain somewhat in line with that of Trump’s presidency, while others believe that Biden’s team will try to reverse many of the previous foreign policy...


Biden's Sanctions Policy. The First Steps

... the sanctions policy—Iran, North Korea, Cuba, China, as well as functional topics—terrorism, the fight against drug trafficking, human rights, etc. However, all these restrictions are based or will be based on already-existing legal mechanisms. Joe Biden and Congress have yet to create new sanctions regimes. And here, in all likelihood, a certain revision of the existing policy lies ahead. It is unlikely to lead to radical qualitative changes in all azimuths, but a correction of important details ...


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