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Trump is Better for Palestinians

Trump’s hard negotiations is best for Palestinian and Israeli future President Joe Biden finds himself in the corner of the sandbox when the mainstream media calls him out for his dithering on the anti-Semitic demonstrations across universities in America by politically conflating Islamophobia on the same ...


China in the Mashriq: New Best Friend

... alternative to past approaches for the Mashriq states, which have spent many years grappling with internal and external challenges On November 30, 2023, the Chinese Foreign Ministry published five points of China’s position on resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Namely, China called for stopping hostilities, protecting civilians, providing them with humanitarian aid, expanding international diplomatic coordination, along with seeking a common political solution that would take into account the ...


When “Iron Swords” Return to Their Sheaths

Perhaps, the notion that the established two-state paradigm has no workable alternatives needs to be clarified or even revisited? Six months have passed since we saw another escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict following a massive Hamas terror attack on October 7, 2023. After Palestinian militants killed some 1,200 Israeli civilians and took 253 others as hostages, Israel launched Operation Iron Swords in the Gaza Strip. The operation ...


Operation Prosperity Guardian in the Red Sea: Impact on the Yemen Crisis

The U.S. and the UK will likely use the challenging military and political environment for a further escalation of the crisis The U.S.-British coalition’s military intervention in Yemen has become the most dangerous expansion of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict (PIC), taking a heavy toll on the security in the Middle East and creating a parallel hotbed of military standoff in the Red Sea. There is no consensus in the region’s countries on the root cause of the current escalation, with some ...


Regional Trends in the Middle East: Political and Economic Dynamics

... and economic trends in the Middle East require a degree of theoretical conceptualization. The authors of this report analyze the current political and economic trends in the region’s Arab countries and non-Arab states, including Iran, Turkey, and Israel. Additionally, the authors examine key foreign policy trends in Middle Eastern states. Regional Trends in the Middle East: Political and Economic Dynamics , 1.1 Mb


Palestinian Statehood after October 7: Any Odds of Success?

The war in Gaza is far from over, but whatever the ceasefire or truce agreements, the question remains: what next? The terrorist action undertaken by Hamas on October 7, 2023, unprecedented in its scale and brutality, and the equally unprecedented Israeli retaliation, which claimed lives of many thousands of Palestinians to result in a major humanitarian catastrophe, shocked the world community. However, interpretations of this new explosion of violence in the Middle East, as well as of other conflicts ...


Iran: The Middle East’s Joker

... a long time, the main goal in the US Middle East strategy was to neutralize the role of Iran as the joker. One after another, US presidents have tried to convince the international community that the main problem in the Middle East was not even the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but rather Tehran’s “regional hegemonism.” Various ways of solving the “Iranian problem” were proposed, including the creation of the broadest possible anti-Iranian coalitions, increased economic and diplomatic ...


Gaza. Yemen. Epicentres of Pain. Feelings, Myths, and Memories in the Middle East

... September 2023. The maritime and aerial blockade eased up, commercial activities at Yemeni ports picked up pace, and air service with Sanaa was partially restored. However, the situation had drastically changed by the end of the year. The longstanding Israeli-Palestinian confl ict re-emerged on the regional and global agenda and became the focal point of all regional conflicts in a matter of days. This fact shouldn’t have come as a surprise to analysts, because the conditions for this have always ...


RIAC at the XVIII Conference of Arabists “I.M. Smilyanskaya Readings”

... RAS), the 2nd meeting of the section “The Long 20th Century in the History of Arab Countries” was held. The section was attended by Ivan Bocharov, Program Coordinator at the RIAC. He made a report on Egypt’s mediation efforts in resolving the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. The moderator of the discussion was Grigory Lukyanov, Researcher at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies of the IOS RAS.


Statement on the situation in Palestine and Israel

Pugwash expresses its deepest concern at the unprecedented levels of violence in the bloody confrontation between Hamas and Israel and between Israel and Palestine. The attacks against the civil population in Israel, in Gaza and in the West Bank—with approximately 13000-14000 victims, and approximately 5000 of them children—underscore the unacceptable brutality in the ...


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