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Is the “Rice Panic” Justified and What Awaits the Grain Market

... now trading at $252 per ton. The world wheat market is absolutely stable, as was pointed out by Vladimir Putin at the press conference on the results of Russian-Turkish negotiations. Meanwhile, due to extreme weather conditions in the fall of 2022, India’s harvest of rice, the main Asian food crop, notably shrank. This forced the Indian government to impose export restrictions on most rice varieties in July 2022, with the notable exception of basmati. Eventually, the ban affected 80% of world ...


India-US Entente: A Russian Perspective

Like Russia, India is likely to resist the evolution of the international system towards a rigid U.S.-China bipolarity since such an evolution would inevitably deprive New Delhi of the freedom of manoeuvring that it enjoys now Recently there have been many speculations ...


Smaller but Capable: How Pakistan Air Force Deters Indian Air Force

... and command & control capabilities. The popularization of AEW&Cs and EW/ELINT platforms, and growing jointness of all assets into a synergized force, has rapidly consolidated PAF into a force which can credibly avert all levels of aggression by the Indian counterparts. Indian Air Force (IAF), being a numerically superior force with better combat stamina, is postured for a prolonged multi-front and attrition-oriented warfare. This posture, however, now has limited feasibility, particularly after ...


What North-South International Transport Corridor Means for Iran

... the development of the North-South international transportation corridor has been widely discussed in Russia, due to its economic benefits, as well as reorientation of the Russian economy from West to East. This route is the shortcut from Russia to India. It was first used by the Russian merchant Afanasy Nikitin back in the 15th century, and then later during World War II for military supplies to the USSR under Lend-Lease. One of the key countries straddling this route is Iran, which is very interested ...


Is Russia Losing India?

The whole idea that someone—be it Moscow, Washington or Beijing—can ‘lose’ India looks excessively arrogant, if not completely preposterous Is Russia losing India? They raise this question at practically every conference, workshop or an expert meeting on Russian-Indian relations since the times of the Soviet disintegration ...


Who Blinks First—the Conflict in Europe

... see a new attempt at globalisation in terms of an EU rise of direct foreign investments, international trade, international migrations and trans-border information exchanges? This image is unclear, but it will depend on major powers. And, of course, India remains one of the key actors. Conflict Termination in Ukraine? Andrey Kortunov: Restoration, Reformation, Revolution? Blueprints for the World Order after the Russia-Ukraine conflict That Russia can sustain the conflict is beyond doubt and is ...


RIAC and IMEMO Experts Discuss Key Aspects of Global Technology Leadership

... technological leadership in the transformation of the world order. During the workshop, leading experts discussed key issues of global technological leadership in the new environment and considered the development policy of the USA, China, the EU, and India in the field of innovative technologies against the backdrop of growing competition. Ivan Timofeev, RIAC Director General, and Sergey Afontsev, Deputy Director for Research at the Primakov Institute of International Relations of the Russian Academy ...


SCO an Organic Element of Emerging Eurasian Security

... be preserved and expanded When I came to New Delhi in early February, I could observe a lot of hype there around the forthcoming G20 Summit. Though the summit is scheduled to take place only in September, it became the talk of the town right after India succeeded Indonesia as the G20 chair in late 2022. Indian journalists speculated about the G20 Summit agenda and many local think tanks hastily released G20-focused reports and policy briefs, the Delhi city center blossomed with colorful posters ...


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