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Russia’s European Journey is Over

The elites of Western Europe – and especially in Germany – are in a state of historical failure In terms of being a global centre of power, the Old World is finished. Moscow understands this, but our former partners remain in denial. Not long ago, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said: “The ...


The Peaceful Memel: Meandering through the old and new world order

... Republic of China in particular, along with Russia, is a constant topic in the press. China’s economic development after its post-lockdown opening does not seem to meet the expectations of the Western economy. Looking at the current trade data between Germany and China, we can see that exports from Germany to China have not increased as expected.[9] From 2018 to 2022, exports to China decreased by 7.5%, and this trend has continued in 2023. The reasons for this include the fact that China is now producing ...


Will Customs in EU Countries Undress Russian Citizens?

... Sanctions. What's New? But what should be done if a Russian citizen imports this or that product for personal use? The most obvious example is entering the EU in a private car. At the beginning of July this year, German customs explained that entering Germany by car is regarded as grounds for arrest. In fact, German customs proceeded from the fact that Art. 3i of Regulation 833/2014 does not provide any exceptions for goods for personal use. It contains Clause 3a, which allows import for such use by ...


Europe “The starry heavens above me…”* A plea for awareness and peace

... Located on the imperial border, Nimmersatt was the former German Empire’s most northeastern spot and was last in German hands in 1945.[1] Like Nimmersatt, there are many seemingly vanished places and landscapes in historic eastern Germany. But they have for the most part disappeared. These places bear witness to the fact that many Germans, consciously or unconsciously, are still deeply rooted in these seemingly vanished landscapes. The German soul is closely connected with the ...


EU-China Relations and the Future of Multipolarity. What Is Germany’s Choice?

... developments around Ukraine, but did not lead to satisfactory results for the EU. Given that the pan-European line is acquiring a distinct protective character, it could be amended by the member states that are the stakeholders of the dialogue, primarily Germany. The government of Olaf Scholz was destined to make unplanned strategic decisions regarding all the main partners outside the EU — the USA, Russia and China. This could have fundamental consequences for European-Chinese relations. The role of ...


The Thrill of Amber – Germany’s Historical East – A Plea for Humanity

... dearest father, …. We were going to go out and, all of a sudden, planes came and – rum, rum – the bombs fell without any alarm. And from then on things became very unsettled and we heard the very loud artillery fire. …. and wanted to go back to Germany, because it was high time. Sunday afternoon we tried to get on a steamer, but we were always shot at…. That night we took an icebreaker to Pillau, for it was very quiet. In the morning we arrived in Pillau and immediately got on a large freighter,...


Meeting with French Ambassador Pierre Levy and German Ambassador Geza Andreas von Geyr

On May 5, 2022, Igor Ivanov, RIAC President, had a meeting with French Ambassador Pierre Levy and German Ambassador Geza Andreas von Geyr at the French Embassy in Russia On May 5, 2022, Igor Ivanov, RIAC President, had a meeting with French Ambassador Pierre Levy and German Ambassador Geza Andreas von Geyr at the French Embassy in Russia. The meeting addressed the prospects in relations between Russia and the European Union against the backdrop of the ongoing special military operation on the territory...


The Role of Nuclear Energy for the Achievement of the EU’s and Russia’s Climate Targets

... data provided, it would seem, at a first glance, that the EU is becoming increasingly more adamant on the crucial role of nuclear power in the green transition. Nevertheless, at the national level, a dichotomy of approaches seems to be forming between Germany and France. Two different strategies for the achievement of the green transition, which are highly in contrast with one another. The German “Energiewende” with its anti-nuclear feature Germany is adamant on the phasing out of nuclear power ...


Nord Stream 2 is not dead, it’s a sleeping beauty

... appreciated the initial initiative by France back in 2014 to use this Normandy gathering to set up a negotiating format, which we hoped would facilitate progress along the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Unfortunately, the efforts of France and Germany over all these years were not sufficient to persuade Kyiv to implement the Minsk agreements. I can refer to the very last meeting of the political advisors of the Normandy leaders in Berlin, a couple of weeks ago, where the Ukraine representatives ...


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