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Putin and Biden’s Cyber Summit

... proposals, but Russia’s suggestion was clearly addressed to the new administration as well. Sergey Lavrov said that Russia confirmed its proposed information security programme following Joe Biden’s inauguration and expected to receive some response in Geneva. Points for Discussion By the time of the summit, both Russia and the United States had formulated specific proposals on cooperation in cyberspace. Russia’s main proposals had been expounded on in Vladimir Putin’s September statement . The ...


Biden and Putin: A Quest for Engagement in Geneva

The US-Russian interaction will continue to be primarily adversarial and/or competitive It is high time a worldwide competition was launched among scholars, journalists and bloggers on how to define the US-Russian relations after the Geneva summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. "Reset" will not pass, since the two sides have demonstrated some fundamental disagreements not limited to their approaches to specific international problems, but including their general views ...


Summits Themselves Are Not Enough to Change the Negative Dynamics of the Relationship

... did not get any better; on the contrary, they continued to deteriorate. It means that on both sides there should also be a strong commitment and a capacity to start working on specific issues that are dividing the two nations. The decision taken in Geneva to launch a new round of bilateral negotiations on strategic arms control and strategic stability is a positive step, but it by no means guarantees that these negotiations will be successful. In sum, I believe that we have reasons to be cautiously ...


A Tentative Step Back From the Abyss Reflects Sober Assessment of the Danger of Nuclear War

... "stands by its international commitments", especially regarding Russia, which was accused of continuing "to breach the values, principles, trust and commitment outlined" in the documents defining the Russian-NATO relationship. Igor Ivanov: Geneva Meeting: A World in Waiting “The U.S. is back,” Biden enthused time and again, and the others agreed, referring to the fact that the G7, in the past, had been able to shape the global agenda, based on U.S.military and economic power. The apparent ...


Fragile Stabilisation of Confrontation

The Russia-US summit in Geneva will certainly not lead to a qualitative improvement in Russian-American relations and will not be able to initiate a process that would lead to a change of their confrontational nature within the next several years Prospects for relations between ...


Russia may use Alloush’s participation in Syria peace talks as bargaining chip

Russia can use the participation of Mohammed Alloush, a member of the Syrian radical terrorist group Jaish al-Islam, in the Syria peace talks as a bargaining chip to negotiate the participation of the leader of the Kurdish Democratic Union in the Geneva negotiations, Vitaly Naumkin, director of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Oriental Studies, told TASS on Tuesday "An element of bargaining is possible," Naumkin said adding that Russia could demand that Kurdish leader Saleh ...


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