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China in the Gulf: Tried Its Best, You Know the Rest

Beijing is rather reluctant to get deeply involved in intra-regional politics in the Middle East, as this could provoke new tensions with the U.S. The current escalation in the Middle East has been described by many as a test of influence for China. For example, the media repeatedly suggested that the United States asked China to put pressure on Iran during the latest rounds of escalation, especially after the Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus. Yet, if compared to Qatari, Egyptian...


Institutionalization of BRICS: From Literature Review to Making Reality

... thus not imposing any obligatory decisions but rather strengthening already existing institutionalization premises and securing its role in the international arena. Thus, a parallel comparison could be drawn with the ASEAN or Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), rather than the EU due to the deep integration processes inferring the principle of non-interference strongly present in the latter. The ASEAN Charter, for instance, directly states “respect for the independence, sovereignty, equality, territorial ...


Does Syria’s Road Back to the Arab Family Go Through the UAE?

... means to overcome Syria’s isolation in the Arab world, which could eventually help restore its membership in the Arab League and be reintegrated into the Arab family. The UAE also serves as an intermediary for Damascus’s communication with other GCC states (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Qatar) and the West. It is also worth noting that the Syrian government views the UAE as a potential counterbalance to excessive Iranian influence in Syria. Cooperation with the Emirates is also beneficial for economic reasons,...


U.S. Policy Case for Middle East under New Conditions

... the pivot to the Middle East will not last long, and one should not expect quick pay-offs. The itinerary from Tel Aviv to Jeddah, where, alongside with the bilateral U.S.-Saudi negotiations, the U.S. president met with a number of Arab leaders in the GCC+3 format (Egypt, Iraq, Jordan) is quite telling. This list indicates the states the Biden administration intends to bet on as well as the range of oft-interrelated problems, the approaches to which the administration considers necessary to clarify ...


BRICS+: It’s Back With Scale and Ambition

... all the main regions of the Global South via aggregating the regional integration platforms in Eurasia, Africa and Latin America. Going forward this format may be further expanded to include other regional integration blocks from Eurasia, such as the GCC, EAEU and others. During the meeting of foreign ministers of BRICS countries China also announced plans to open up the possibility of developing countries joining the core BRICS grouping. This approach differed to some degree from the line pursued ...


The Dilemmas of the Global South

... integration. In May 2022 the High Representative and the European Commission adopted a Joint Communication on a ‘Strategic Partnership with the Gulf’ with the aim to deepen the European Union (EU)’s cooperation with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and its Member countries. In developing its cooperation with the GCC countries the EU is seeking to employ its new “Global gateway” framework along with the relevant development institutions – as stated by the European Commission: “the EU ...


Another Look at the Prospects of a Eurasian Digital Platform

... countries of Eurasia. The platform for regional integration arrangements would work towards advancing greater inter-operability into the digital platforms of Eurasia’s regional groupings such as the EU, the EAEU, ASEAN, RCEP, EFTA, BIMSTEC, SAFTA, GCC. The platform for regional development banks and funds such as EDB, EIB, ADB, EBRD, SDF, CAF would focus on building project portfolios in the area of digital cooperation/digital connectivity/digital inclusiveness and work to advance digital economic ...


Meeting Security Challenges in the Gulf: Ideal Solutions and Practical Steps

... dangerous situation [ 1 ]. In addition, many Gulf countries are becoming increasingly vulnerable to domestic social and political unrest due to increasing volatility in the global oil market and to in-house reform efforts with so far unclear results. The GCC is in a state of paralysis and its future remains unclear with many implications of the Qatari crisis still present [ 2 ]. The Arab League is weak, deeply divided along many lines and indecisive. The United Nations Security Council, including its ...


Assessing Iran’s Threat Potential to the UAE

... ultraconservatives in Iran, publicly warning the UAE that it is now “a legitimate and easy target.” Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei even Tweeted #UAEStabsMuslims on Sept. 1, in response to the deal. Subsequently, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Secretary General admonished Iran “for interfering in the domestic affairs of another country.” Officials in the UAE have viewed Iran as a danger for many years, which is one of the reasons why Abu Dhabi lobbied the Trump administration to pursue ...


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