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Six Reasons for Vladimir Putin to Go to China

... and Sudan are simmering and can explode at any moment, global defense spending and global arms trade in 2024 reached their historic highs. On the other hand, 2024 also offers a number of opportunities that should not be overlooked. It is the year for BRICS to properly digest and absorb its recent enlargement, and Russia will have to manage the process chairing the club and hosting the next BRICS summit in fall. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization might also start changing by accepting Belarus as ...


The World in 2035: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

... existing regional organizations and sub-international mechanisms reflecting common political, economic, and security demands of their members will not only survive, but may become more active protagonists, playing the most prominent role, such as the BRICS, the SCO, the EU, NATO, the ASEAN, the ALU, and so on. The institutional inertia accumulated by long-standing organizations should not be underestimated; it is almost impossible to imagine how the North Atlantic Treaty Organization can be dissolved ...


Positions of BRICS Nations on UN Security Council Reform

Almost all of the nations that recently joined BRICS are seriously competing with the “old-timers” of the association, claiming a permanent seat on the UN Security Council The expansion of BRICS with the accession of Egypt, Iran, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia starting on January 1, 2024 ...


What Should We Expect from BRICS and What Should We Not?

... which are considered important, but not successful enough in the short term. In this regard, it would be wise to be clearer about what we can actually expect from those initiatives that are considered important in the Russian foreign policy system. The BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) represents one of the most curious phenomena of modern international politics. First of all, because this association of five significant states, which was joined by several more participants on ...


India in the South Caucasus: Implications for Russia, Iran and Turkey

... approach to the South Caucasus not only correlates with Russian and Iranian regional interests, but also complements them. In this regard, discussing regional issues on existing international platforms involving Russia, Iran and India (e.g. EAEU and BRICS), which Iran has already joined, may be of some interest. There are at least two identifiable instances where Turkey’s may clash. With this in mind, a political or diplomatic response from Ankara cannot be excluded.


Russia and partners: priorities of the BRICS Сhairmanship

... is gaining momentum. And Russia is not a mere witness to these trends, but an active participant in this much-needed process. The enhancement of truly mutually beneficial and constructive cooperation is exactly at the heart of Russian Chairmanship in BRICS - a unique group of countries in terms of membership and potential. Under the overarching theme “Strengthening Multilateralism for Equitable Global Development and Security” we will do everything possible to further smooth out all the parts ...


Russia, Greater Eurasia and Modern International Politics

... strategy in Eurasia and beyond, regardless of how quickly the goals of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine are achieved, as well as the general objectives in the field of European security formulated officially at the end of 2021. The expansion of BRICS is already becoming Russia’s most important task as this year’s chair of the association. The agenda of Greater Eurasia is formed by strengthening cooperation mechanisms within the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), maximising the opportunities ...


The Internet Is Easy. What You Need Is Fundamental Science

... can make a change in the world or at least make a profit. What steps are being taken to develop and support India’s tech industry, and how are these steps impacting India’s position in the global tech arena? Alexander Ignatov, Elena Zinovieva: BRICS Agenda for Digital Sovereignty Some steps have been taken at the governmental level. India’s government has been able to create many institutes of excellence. This includes IAT’s, India’s Institute of Sciences, Institute of Technology, the ...


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