Project: Vectors of Development of Eastern European Countries: Challenges for Russia

Aims of the project:

  • Aimed at the study of the region that includes Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Baltic countries, and Transcaucasia.
  • Analysis of the internal political status quo in the countries of the region in question, their external political activity, their relations with Russia and other international actors.
  • Territorial disputes in the region, Russia’s policy towards the Eastern European countries, participation of the countries of the region in question in international organizations and alliances as well as analysis of the EU and US interests in the region are considered priority areas for the experts.


  • Policy brief “Belarus – Echo of the Ukrainian Crisis”
  • Working paper in English “Conflicts in the Post-Soviet Space”
  • Joint working paper “Ukrainian Crisis after the Minsk Process”
  • Joint RIAC-ICCN publication on Russia-Georgia Relations


Scientific Consultants

Nickolay Silaev

PhD in History, Caucasus Problems and Regional Security Center at the MGIMO University

Sergey Markedonov

Ph.D in History, Leading Research Fellow at MGIMO University, Editor-in-Chief of International Analytics Magazine, RIAC Expert

Nikolay Mezhevich

Doctor of Economics, Professor of Foreign Relations Department at St. Petersburg State University, RIAC Expert

Aleksandr Gushchin

PhD in History, Associate Professor, Department of Post-Soviet Countries, Russian State University for the Humanities, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Post-Soviet and Interregional Studies, RIAC expert

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