Bilaterial relations

Analysis of the key challenges, threats and opportunities for Russia and China on the global, regional and bilateral levels. Search for optimal ways to fulfil mutual interests jointly with Chinese experts.
This project envisages the integrated analysis of Russian-Indian bilateral relations; the development of advice for their medium-term development; the engagement of government bodies, businesses and civil society within the two countries in advancing bilateral relations; accessing untapped potential in the advancement of bilateral relations.
Project goals: to analyse Russia-Iran bilateral relations at the current stage: study of the dynamics of the political and economic cooperation between the two countries as well as prospects and opportunities for cooperation on the resolution of the Caspian Sea region, Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Middle East, South-Western Asia; a study of Russia’s…
Project goals: analyze the political, economic, and humanitarian base for bilateral relations, identify ways for their further development, and develop concrete practical proposals for the governments of Russia and Turkey.
Project goals: analyze the bilateral relations between Russia and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the context of their regional policy in the Persian Gulf. Russia and Pakistan, having trusting relationships with all key actors in the region, advocate for de-escalation in the Gulf. As members of the SCO, Moscow and Islamabad have significant potential…
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